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Welcome to the official website of Hollywood Film Investors, LLC.

We invest in and help structure profitable film, television, entertainment, and entertainment technology ventures.  We are willing to look at anything, but are ultimately looking for projects that will make studios jealous and investors, including ourselves, very, very happy.  While we appreciate art and story as such, our primary objective is to make great movies that consumers want to see again and again, alone and with family and friends, and pay many times the ticket price for the privilege of seeing, plus popcorn!
Opportunities for Investors

Hollywood Film Investors, LLC welcomes accredited investors and institutions as investors in our network.  If you are interested in learning about the tax advantages of investing in film, contact us and we can forward information to your accountant.  Prior to investing in a film, HFI evaluates a film on well over 200 film and investment criteria. 

To get started, contact Jed@HollywoodInvestor.com or call 1-866-97-FILMS.

Jed has an MBA and years of due diligence experience in film and non-film ventures.  Nevertheless, we encourage all investors who invest in either an individual project or a fund to consider their investment carefully, with the help of attorneys, accountants, qualified investment advisors, and especially family, if applicable.  (Your investment decisions affect your family more than your lawyer!)  In film investments, more so than in other types of investments, the family is one of the best bell weathers of success, as a family represents a limited but balanced microcosm of the film market.

When contacting us, please include in what way you are accredited, meaning by net worth or annual income.  For multiple reasons, we prefer investors with a net worth of $5 million (US) or more, but legally can accept those with $1 million or more in non-home assets or annual incomes of $300,000 or greater.  ($200,000 if single.)

Typically after acceptance, we will require a waiting period before inviting you to look at any specific film projects.  This is to give us a chance to get to know each other.  The waiting period for a fund or business is typically shorter than for an individual.  We are looking for investors, not speculators, for a good fit and not for an easy business transaction.  If you want to speculate on film, put an ad in the newspaper.  Someone will take your money!

HFI has two feature films planned for 2008, one international, the other a Christmas film, and more in consideration or negotiation.
Opportunities for Film Makers

Hollywood Film Investors, LLC has a network of over 3,800 film and entertainment investors and groups who may be interested in your project.  We welcome plans and scripts, but require that all scripts be registered with the WGA before we will read them.  We also do not purchase scripts directly.  We are looking for established production teams, inside or outside of Hollywood, with some concept of how to distribute and market their film, not just produce it.  Contracts and letters of intent from actors and key contributors also help.  For more information, contact Jed@HollywoodInvestor.com.

If you already have 15% to 20% of your funds raised, we can almost definitely help you through either debt (not recommended, but available) or equity funding, but will look at projects below that threshold if they are profitable and market leading productions.

We are not looking for art films that are likely to appeal to only a small niche.  We are looking for fresh material that will make money, while not ignoring art and depth.  Film is a competitive market, and we are looking for the best.

About Hollywood Film Investors, LLC

Hollywood Film Investors, LLC is co-located in Los Angeles, California and Park City, Utah.  HFI is an off-shoot of a twenty year old production and funding company.